GNS3 0.7.4 installation/configuration on windows 7 Gerneral Issues:

This tutorial is step by step installation processor of GNS3 0.7.4 on windows 7. On internet there are some discussions that gns3 is not work properly on windows 7 but i think there is not such problem with GNS3, it just working fine for me.
  • Download the GNS3 free from its official website, download the file which have all supported software included.

  •  Double click on this file a windows appear, click on run.

  • Then the installation wizard starts click next and accept the license agreement.
  • Choose all the components to be install (Recommended). And don't change the default directory.
  •  Click on install then Win pcap installation start click next and install it on default directory and after this finish the gns3 installation.
 GNS3 0.7.4 Configuration on windows 7:

  • When you first time start the gns3, it ask you to configure the dynamips and IOS.
  • For the dynamips click on edit/Preferences and then click on dynamic tab. Don't change the default setting click on test button its should give the message that "dynamips successfull started".
  • If not successful then manually browse the executable path  to "C:\Program Files\GNS3\dynamips-wxp.exe". Match other settings form figure.

  • Also verify that terminal command from general/terminal settings "putty.exe -telnet %h %p"
  • GNS3 uses the real Cisco IOS therefore you have these to start working in GNS3, you can download these from internet. To define some IOS for routers click on edit/IOS images and hypervisors and browse some image from "Image File" field.
  •  For configuring ASA, PIX Qemu host etc IOS(s) click on Preferences/Qemu tab and define one by one. For configuration of ASA Qemu and PIX view the related posts of blog from blog archive.



    1. i hv followed all the abov mentioned steps bt on console the router telnet is nt working..i hv used puuty bt dets also nt working

    2. try steps in this post

      i hope your problem should solve..

    3. i have also try but the dynamips do,nt started succesfully and fail.I m used window 7 home premiur and followed all the above steps.plz help that whats the problem.

    4. which steps? plz tell me becz gns3 are not working when Dynamips are not started succesfully on my laptop.