Can’t Start Dynamips port 7200, gns3 error:

Gns3 give this error when dynamips directory is not define correctly or "hypervisor manager" setting are  set to default setting.
  • For hypervisor manager setting open the IOS image and "hypervisor\external hypervisor" tab
    ensure that the default settings are selected (, 7200, 10000, 2000)

  • click on save button.

  • Verify the Execution path from edit\preferences\dynamips to (C:\Program Files\dynamips\dynamips-wxp.exe.
If problem remain unsolved then please apply the steps define in previous post.


  1. Uninstall GNS3 from your computer completely. Delete GNS3 folder from Program Files. Delete GNS3 entries from registry. Restart your computer. Install GNS3 software and after installing GNS3 give proper path of IOS images. If your windows firewall is ON, then while accessing GNS3 first time after installation, windows firewall pop-up comes asking whether to permit this application or not, just click allow. This will fix up issue in GNS3.

  2. Dear, above article is really hepful and it solved my issue and GNS3 Started working :)

    Great Good job

  3. Please i have problem when i start my topology Cannot start router R1: lost communication with server
    but i also can drag another router and it start easy ???

  4. Hi All,

    Above article is helpfull and it worked for me.
    Thanks all!!

  5. Go to EDIT-->Preferences-->Dynamips--> check working directory path and execution path

    it should exist

  6. thank you very much it works Solution 2 Make sure your connection is not in proxy mode. In Windows 7 go to "Internet Options" in "Connection" tab click on "LAN Settings" and uncheck everything.