Run / configure Juniper router Image with GNS3 1.1 junOS with VortualBox

How to use juniper Router on GNS3 1.1 using VirtualBox:

This article is about the installation and configuration of juniper router on gns3 1.1. There are some ways for using Juniper router on GNS3, here i will discus one of them i.e. using VM junOS on GNS3.  

In this method we used a virtual machine of JunOS Olive (Juniper Image) for gns3 simulation. You need the following software for this:
  1. juniper image= JunOS Olive image VM (.ova filewhich you can download from this link. 
  2. Pre Installed Gns3 
  3. Pre Installed Oracle VM VirtualBox (You can download it free from internet)
Once you have downloaded  JunOS Olive image from given link and after the installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox, you need to create a virtual machine using this .ova file in your virtual box and then you can use that VM in GNS3 for simulating juniper router. You can install

1. Simply double click on this  .ova file that you have downloaded from above link or open this file using virtual-box and then click on import. You can change default setting before importing, for example you can change the RAM, VM name, Network adapter etc
If you want to simulate more than one router in GNS3 then you need to create more than one copies of this JunOS VM instance or clone. For creating clone right click on  already created VM and then click on clone.

Then type the name for new clone or VM and select the checkbox "reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards"
In this way you can create multiple clone and can use multiple juniper router on gns3.
2. Now launch Gns3 and open the Edit\preferences, goto virtualbox setting and create a new VM on gns3 by clicking on New. select the junOS VM from menu that we have created in step-1 and click on finish and then on OK.

For using multiple juniper router you need to create multiple router VM  in gns3 using above method. For simulating three juniper router you need three VirtualBox VMs in Gns3. 

3. This juniper router VM will appear in end device menu of gns3.

You can set number of interfaces for this JunOS VM, for this drag VM on gns3 dashboard and then right click on it, click on configure and from network tab set the number of adapters or choose the interface type.
Now start the VM by right click on device and then on start, for configuration right click on it and then console. If you have any issue with the console then you can use the virtualBox console. User name is root for this junOS VM.

You can also change it PC symbol to router from change symbol.

Configure RIP on JunOS

Watch a Video:

Download and Run juniper router (junOS image... by Waqasgk

Download Juniper router IOS/Image for Gns3 JunOS Olive 12.1R1.9

Download VirtualBox Image (IOS) of Juniper Router for GNS3:

From here you can download "JunOS Olive 12.1" VM image, you can run it with GNS3 for simulating juniper router. (Please note that this image is only provide to you for informational purpose and for GNS3 use.)

What is JunOS Olive?
JunOS Olive is a software that you can use on PC. Initially Olive was used by Juniper internally for lab work, but now it become a source to learn the JUNOS CLI on a low-cost platform. Please note Junos olive is only for study and practice purposes , which is unsupported and unsupportable platform & it is not suitable for any type of commercial use.
Download JunOS forGNS3:
You can actually run this JunOS on VirtualBox and then can simulate this into GNS3. You can Download this JunOS for Gns3 from following link and can perform and configure different lab on Gns3.

Download JunOS olive Gns3

Click on above link and then choose "download anyway" for download this file.

How to use JunOS Olive on Gns3