Fixed: Unable to create generic Ethernet NIO Gns3 Cloud issue on Windows 7 or 8.1

Cloud NIC adapter is not working on GNS3:

Gns3 Shows this error when you try to connect router to gns3-Cloud. Cloud node is used for connecting Physical, Microsoft loopback or virtual interface to gns3. Currently there is not exact description for this error message but normally this is happen when your NIC is not initialized correctly.  

How to resolved  ” Unable to create generic Ethernet NIO”:

Complete error messageServer error [-3200] from SW1: unable to create generic ethernet NIO
OS= windows 7 32bits (Same was reported on 64 bits windows 7 & 8.1)

You can resolved or troubleshoot this error very easily in GNS3 by following the given steps. It may possible that you issue may get resolved by trying first step and you need not to go further in troubleshooting. Here are the steps for resolving this problem in gns3.
1.    Disabled and Enable the network connection associated with gns3-cloud. For this type “ncpa.cpl” in run, this will show you all NIC setting. Right click on your required one & then Disabled and Enable.
2.       Turn off the windows Firewall and check it again in GNS3.
3.       Reboot your computer. (In most cases restart works for this issue)
4.       If after the reboot you still have the same issue then check out your antivirus setting. Temporary disable your AV and check GNS3 again.

If you still have the same issue even after trying above step then please share your experience in comments. Thank you..!