What is WiFi Repeater in Networking | Choose WiFi Range Extender

What is WiFi Repeater in Networking | Choose WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi repeater in Networking is a device that allows you to expand an existing Wi-Fi network, repeating the signals exactly. You need to install a repeater at the very border of signal reception. In a data-network, a repeater can repeat the messages or signals between sub-networks that use different protocols/cable types. A repeater can not do the intelligent routing performed by bridges and routers. Hubs can operate as repeaters by relaying messages to all connected computers. 

When using a normal WiFi router, there may be one problem. If the router is cheap enough, then you may face an issue of bad signals. If the router is located in a house with concrete or very thick walls, then the signal will be even worse. Of course, the more expensive models have the possibility of changing the antennas to more powerful ones, but this is impossible for budget models. I lead to the fact that to increase the signal area of ​​the router, you can use special equipment, which is called a wifi repeater in networking.

What is a repeater and what are its functions?

A repeater is a device that allows you to expand the existing WiFi network, repeating it exactly. You need to install a repeater at the very border of signal reception. For small network one repeater will be enough. It is necessary to acquire more than one device for various enterprises and firms. Since the signal will have to be broadcast on several floors, and then all this should be combined into one network. An interesting technology called WDS is introduced in modern routers, which also allows you to expand the network by combining several access points into one network. This network will use the same frequency, encryption and password.

It is worth noting that if there is a dual-band router, that is, it can work both at 2 GHz and at 5 GHz , you need to acquire an appropriate repeater that can extend the signal of both bands.

How repeater work, and how to choose a repeater?

The function of the repeater to extend the wifi signals. You need to place it in the place where the signal from the router ends, but not very far, and then it will amplify the signal and transmit further, that's all science.

Following are some main functions or characteristic of repeater working:

  • A repeater repeats exactly the network that you use, in other words, it copies data about your Wi-Fi network and transmits it further. Usually, to configure both devices, you need to press the WPS button on the router and on the repeater.
  • The device will connect to the Wi-Fi equipment, from which the signal level is higher. That is, if you are sitting closer to the repeater, then, for example, the smartphone will connect to it, because its signal is greater.
  • No matter what you connect devices (TVs, tablets, smartphones) to the repeater or to the router, the network will be one, and you can do whatever you want with it.
We now turn to the question of what kind of repeaters can be and which one can be purchased. There are many different types of repeaters that sometimes are difficult to understand. For home network use quite suitable for small and inexpensive devices that plug into the outlet. Such devices are put in place of not very good signal reception.

For larger network, you need to purchase devices that create access points. It is necessary that they have WDS technology or work as a repeater. Although it is the same thing.
Devices should have sufficiently powerful antennas, preferably 5 dBi, and so that they are removable if you suddenly want to change them to even more powerful ones. By the way, there are also routers that can work in repeater mode. I will not say anything about the model, everyone chooses to his own taste.