Juniper commands | Most basic CLI Commands list for JunOS Router

Most Useful and important JunOS router Commands for Begginer:

This article contain some of most frequent used commands of Juniper devices those are very helpful, especially for beginner those are new to juniper networks.

Before going into Commands details you should know that there are different commands mode on juniper same like Cisco. So you must know about every command where to type it. You can simply differentiate into these modes into 
·         command-line interface (CLI)
·         Configuration mode

How to login into Juniper router:

Simply type user name and password, default username and password for JunOS Olive 12.1 is root with no password.
Login: root

How to enter into Command-line interface mode:

After logging into JunOS by your user name and password, you can enter into Command-line interface by typing CLI
root@% cli

How to access configuration mode on Juniper:

You can enter into configuration mode by typing configure in configuration mode.
root> configure

How to check current configurations on Juniper:

In cli mode:
root> show configurations

Show configurations with include specific group of commands:

This command will show all the command from configuration starting with "Set"
root> show configurations | display set

How to check all interfaces on Juniper:

You can show all the interface on Juniper with following command:
root# show interfaces

How to see status of specific interface on Juniper:

root# show interfaces <interface name>
Command example:
root# show interfaces em0

How to set the IPv4 address of juniper router:

In Configuration mode you can use the following command:
set interfaces  <interface-name> unit <unit number> family inet <IP address>/mask
Suppose you want to set IP address to interface ge-0/0/2 you can do it like this:
set interfaces ge-0/0/2 unit 0 family inet

How to set host name on Juniper Router:

root# set system host-name <type-name>

How to set root's password on JunOS:

In configuration mode type the following command for setting password for juniper router.
set system root-authentication plain-text-password

How to save your current configuration on Juniper:

You can use the Commit command for saving configuration on Juniper, if you having any issue in save configuration you see error in saving configuration onjuniper for troubleshooting.
root# commit

How to see the all routes on JunOS:

root> show route

How to setup gateway or static route for Juniper:

Following command will set a static route for network
root# set routing-options static route next-hop

Configure different routing protocols with Juniper:

You can use the set protocols command in configuration mode for configuring different routing protocols on JunOS, some of commands examples are as listed below. But you can see more details regarding each routing protocols with given links or explore more with google.

root # set protocols rip group rip-routes neighbor em0           RIP on JunOS
root # set protocols ospf area interface em0               OSPF on JunOS
root # set protocols isis interface em0

note: All above commands are tested on JunOS 12.1.x

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