Connect GNS3 router to internet

How to Connect your GNS3 router to internet:

Hi today I shall show you that how to connect a GNS3 router to internet, this lab is handy for practicing NAT, PAT and default gateway on GNS3. With this you can create a live environment on GNS3. So please follow the steps to accomplish this   

  • First you need to configure your gns3 cloud, insert a cloud from left menu “GNS3 devices” panel and then right click on cloud/configure and add your physical NIC.


  • Now insert a router which you want to connect to internet, connect this router to cloud via Ethernet/FE according to your NIC and start all devices.

  •   Now you need to assign an IP address to your router interface that is connected to cloud (e1/0 in my case). IP of interface should be of the same subnet as of your NIC, in my case my NIC subnet is therefore I assign to e1/0.
  •  Now you need to create a default route for internet. Default gateway in my case is you can check yours by clicking NIC status/Details. 

  • Now ping any Public IP e.g. to verify this.