Ubuntu Virtualization | Installation of ubuntu-11.04 on Vmware with Windows 7

What is Virtualization:

Virtualization is trend that is swaping IT envirment and adding virtual machines in our data centers. According to one report there are more than 6 mission intel servers in data centers all over the world. These server are running only one application and one operating system at a time.  These are high cost solution for IT organization. Average utlization of each server is 6-12 %.
By Virtualization tecnology you can run multiple applications and OS on single server Hardware. Each virtual  OS have its own CPU including its own Memory Disk storage and Ethernet. 

Ubuntu11.04 on Vmware
Vmware is best virtualization software for ubuntu. Today i will show you that how to install Ubuntu 11.4 on Vmware with windows 7. Installing Ubuntu on vmware is a piece of cake. You need to just follow the simple steps. 

  • First you need a Ubuntu 11.4 DVD or ISO image file. 
  • Start Vmware 7 and click on new virtual machine, give name to new VM machine and then this wizard will asked you to identify the Ubuntu image and RAM and disk storage. I select the 512 RAM and 20GB disk, you can define yours.
  • Complete this wizard and start your VM. Ubuntu booting process will start.
  • Then select your language.

  • After this Ubuntu 11.4 installation process is start.

  • This installation process will take 20-30 minutes to complete and after this a log in screen will appear click on login icon and enjoy the beautiful interface of Ubuntu Linux OS.