Stream from VLC player and access it on Android Phone

VLC Stream Server | Stream from VLC player and access it on Android Phone

In this article, I will show you the Step by step instructions how to Stream from VLC on Android from Your PC. You have required the following steps for accessing the stream on mobile from PC:

You can watch the video for quick go:

For Streaming media, you have required VLC 3.0.1 or Greater.

Go to Media\stream

Select the video record that you need to stream over the Network, and you can access it under the same network:

Now add the HTTP port and keep in mind the port for getting to the stream or accessing the stream server over the network or from your android mobile.

Once you finished this wizard VLC starts streaming the VLC file over the Network.

And you get to this stream over the network or under the same wifi router on PC or any ip device.

For accessing the stream you required IP address of PC where you enable the VLC streaning. You can use the "ipconfig" command in command prompt.

In our case, IP address is and port is 8080

You can get to this stream on an android, for this, you are required to associate with same system/wifi switch.

Open VLC player on mobile and access the stream by following IP and port:

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