How to Open ISO, BIN and IMG files on windows 8 10

How to OPen ISO file on windows 10:

ISO, .bin, .img, .daa, .dmg etc. are image file extensions and normally you can’t open these files without any additional software. There are many software for reading image files, most famous one are Nero, Power ISO and Alcohol.
Today I will show you how to open .iso and other image using Power ISO on windows 8 or on windows 7, also you can install Power ISO on XP. This is really easy, download Power ISO from internet. Just search in Google and you will find a download link easily. After download install and reboot your system.

After reboot you will find the logical or virtual DVD drive in My computer. Right click on virtual drive and click on Power ISO\ Mount image to drive. Then browser your required image file for example .iso, .img, .bin etc.

Power ISO will open the image file in this virtual DVD, also you can open the multiple image files by increasing the number of drives from set Number of Drives option.