Vm Windows 10 is not accessible from GNS3 Problem with Virtual Machine is not getting IP from DHCP in GNS3

How to Connect Windows 10 Virtual Machine with GNS3 1.3.9:

You can see the following Video for connecting VM to router in GNS3:

If you are having difficulty while connecting a VM to GNS3 you may check the following:

1. Open the VirtualBox, goto adapter setting and select 'Not attached' 
2. If the ping from router to VM machine is not successful then turn off windows 10 firewall.
3. if you want to give the IP address to VM via DHCP configured on gns3 router then make sure you have disable all other DHCP in the network.

In case of any issue, you can ask question in comment.

DHCP lab in GNS3 | How to Configure DHCP on Cisco Router

Cisco DHCP Configuration | How to assign automatic IP address from Cisco Router:

In this article I will show you how to configure and enable DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) on Gns3 router. For this lab I have Create the following lab in which I have configure a router (DHCP Server) as DHCP server where as I used the two DHCP clients which will obtain the IP address automatically from DHCP server. These DHCP clients include a router (which is configured like a PC) and a VM machine.  You can visit How to connect windows VM to Gns3 & installation of windows 10 on Virtualbox for more detail.

Following configuration are required for making the Router as DHCP server.

DHCP server (R1) Configuration:
R1#Configure t
R1 config)#ip dhcp pool ipranges
R1(dhcp-config)# network
R1(dhcp-config)#dns server
R1(dhcp-config)#lease 10 (this command will set the IP lease for 10 day, view more Cisco Commands)

How to exclude the IP addresses from DHCP range

R1(dhcp-config)#ip dhcp excluded-addresses

Following are the configuration required on router which will act as DHCP client.

PC2 Configuration:
PC2#Configure t
PC21#no ip routing
PC2#inf f0/0
PC2#ip address dhcp
 PC2#no shutdown

VM win 10 DHCP client configurations:

Simple power on the VM host in DHCP and set the network adapter setting to obtain the IP automatically. Check the following images:

How to test DHCP configurations:

On DHCP server use the following command for confirming DHCP configurations
show ip dhcp binding
Following will be the output in our case.

Other command that you can use is:
show DHCP neighbor.