Cisco 2691 Router ios image Download free for GNS3

2600 Series IOS for Gns3:

The Cisco 2600 Series is an modular multiservice access routers, which can provide LAN and WAN solution for small business, and a range of high-performance processors. The wide range of features and interfaces and the flexibility of adding more than 50 modules makes the Cisco 2600 Series the ideal branch-office router for today's and tomorrow's customer requirements.
Cisco 2691 is one of useful IOS for GNS3, using this image you can create different Network Labs in GNS3. With 2691 IOS image you can use following Ports/slots:
  • Ethernet Slot
  • NM slots | 16 FastEthernet slot
  •  Serial ports or WIC slots

You can Download and install this IOS for GNS3 only. Download 2691 GNS3 IOS for GNS3 from here.