How to use gns3 : General Issues | getting started with gns3 in Windows 7

This article is for beginner. In this tutorial I will discuss that how to use the gns3 and how to make a simple topology in it and some general issues of gns3.

How to make a topology in gns3:
  • Open the gns3 and new project windows is open, define the name of project, directory and check the check box "save IOS configuration startup file" to save the device configuration in a file this is handy because from this file you can copy the configuration from one devices to other. Other check box is "save nvram and virtual hard drive", i personally don't check this because it take a lot of memory.

  •  Drag some network element from node types to stage and double click on each device and define the module that you want to use.

  •  To connect the devices with each other click on "Add a link" and click on manual and then start connecting devices with each other.

Add a link

  • To start a devices click on start.
  •  To configure a device click on console and CLI is open.
 General Issues:
 Common Issues are
  1. CPU usage reached to 100% 
  2. Console Problems
To minimize the CPU usage wait for router IOS to be load and decompress completely and you receive a message on console "Press enter to start". then right click on router and click on Idle PC and assign the value to router and CPU usage came down.