Cisco ISR Vs ISR-G2 Features Comparison

Cisco Integrated Services Routers:
The Integrated Services Routers (ISR) is an integrated multi-service routers and is leading a new era of Cisco products, pioneered the ability to secure, wire-speed delivery of concurrent data, voice and video services routers, including new platforms and wireless services.

Cisco Integrated Services G2 Routers:

The Cisco ISR G2 router series has the intelligence and scale to transform service delivery for cloud, mobile devices, and multimedia applications, providing optimal user experience, exceptional security, and simplified operations. (Ref:

Cisco ISR G2
Cisco ISR
Network processor
Multicore network processor with future expandability
Cisco ISR device normally have Single network processor
IOS image
Single universal IOS image
Multiple images
WAN performance
Up to 350 Mbps with services
Up to 45 Mbps with services
Field-upgradeable motherboard
Single motherboard
Service module
performance and
Up to 7X with dual core and 1 TB
1X and 160 GB storage
Onboard DSPs
Voice- and video-ready DSPs
Voice only
Switch modules
Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet with
POE+ based on Catalyst
Fast Ethernet with Power over
Ethernet (PoE); based on Catalyst
Services delivery
Field-upgradeable motherboard
Energy efficiency
Real-time power reporting

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