GNS3 | Please configure an ASA | configuration on windows 7 | ASA console problem solved


Emulate ASA in gns3:

This error means that you don't have configure the necessary files for ASA, you need to define these. In this post i also tell you that why ASA console hangs or don't show any thing when you start it.
Please carefully follow these step to configure ASA in gns3 on windows 7.
  • Download ASA IOS
  • Configure ASA in gns3 
  • Start the ASA
  • Open the console 
 Step-1 Download ASA IOS and how to solved ASA console hangs Problem: 

First you need two file for ASA one is ".kernel" and other is ".initrd.gz". In my case these are "asa802-k8.kernel" and asa802-k8.initrd.gz. You can download these files from following link:

Download ASA IOS for GNS3

Configure ASA in gns3:

Now run the gns3 open the Preferences from edit/preferences, and in qemu/ASA tab define the name for ASA and these two file i.e. "asa802-k8.kernel" and "asa802-k8.initrd.gz" in respective fileld.

Start the ASA:

 Start the ASA and a qemu console window is open don't close this window.
Open the console:
Now open the ASA console by rigth clicking on it and after some time you received a message that  copy these two commands and press enter, do this.
and then you received the welcome message of ASA.

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