GNS3 Crash Connection loss error:

So far in my view there is no exact solution for this problem. You need to restart gns3, but there are some tips that are very useful to resolving this.(With SecureCRT may get "Connection Refused by Remote Host" message instead of connection loss.)
  • Add more hypervisors from "IOS images and hypervisors" when you are using more than 6 or 7 routers in gns3 topology.
  • Try latest version of GNS3.
  • On windows 7 run GNS3 as administrator in XP compatibility mode.
  • Don’t save the gns3 topology while router executing the commands "write or copy run start". 
  • Try other IOS series instead of c2600, you can use 3700 or 7200 series.

Hope this will be informative for you.


  1. hi, i am having a problem with my telnet localhost using GNS3, in fact i am not able to configure a router using the telnet localhost.
    i need your help to this problem.
    thank you.

  2. Please check this and Gns3 console problem and then inform me......

  3. hello to all, dear friends,when i open the saved project in gns3.gns3 display an error "dynamips error connection lost" i have added many hypervisors but still facing this issu.i always use gns3 with admin rights and installed it again and gns3 version is and os is win7.kindly help me friends what should i do.

  4. i have windows 8 ?
    what can i do