Failed to start dynamips gns3 error:

  • Normally dynamips test failed when execution path is define incorrectly, make sure your default path should be C:\Program Files\GNS3\dynamips-wxp.exe. In executable path basically you need to locate the "dynamips-wxp.exe", therefore you can manually browse the file from gns3 installation directory. In vista default installation this may be C:\Program Files (x86)\GNS3\Dynamips\dynamips-wxp.exe , so manually locate "dynamips-wxp.exe".
  • Also try to change the default working directory. 

  • Ensure base port, udp port and base console are selected (7200, 10000, 2000)
  • Added the GNS3 and Dynampis Executables to Windows Firewalls exceptions.  for window 7 open "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Firewall\Allowed Programs" and add these if they are not exist there.

  • Otherwise click on Add another program and add dynamips-wxp.exe and gns3.exe.

  • In Windows XP, Go to the control panel > windows firewall > exceptions > add program. Add GNS3.exe and Dynamips-wxp.exe. Then go to add port and add UDP Port number 7200. Then OK and Reboot.


  1. still getting "failed to start dynamips" i did every available troubleshooting techniques but hasn't fixed this problem. =(

  2. I'm having the same issue, here is my spec.
    OS on which gns3 is running is WXP, I reinstall the gns3 three to four times but still the same

    1. hi rizwan, uninstall gns3 completely and then try other version of gns3 other than that you are trying now.
      and please share the results.

  3. thanks gns3 start working..!

  4. Hi.. there is no file named dynamips-wxp.exe there is only dynamips.exe in the GNS folder .... pls help

  5. thanks bro... its resolve . :)