Download Tiny Core 8 LINUX IOS for Gns3

Download Tiny Core LINUX IOS for Gns3:

TinyCore Linux is a limited Linux OS focusing on providing a base system for running different basic services. TinyCore is free and open-source software & it is normally used in virtual topologies for creating different network scenarios. You can install this IOS on windows using VMware 14 and can use it as GNS3 host. If want to learn how to use tiny core as Gns3 host you can visit here.

From here you can download Tiny core 8 IOS for your GNS3 for free. Download and install the IOS in Vmware and then use it as GNS3 host (PC)

Download Tiny Core LINUX IOS for Gns3

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I hope this is helpgul for you, please share your comments in case of any issue. Thank you.!

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