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How to use VirtualBox Virtual Machine in GNS3 as Virtual Host in GNS3 Topologies:

You have different options for simulating Virtual PC on GNS3 which are listed below:

In all above methods, simulating a PC with VirtualBox is very handy which provide you more options as compare to others. In-fact you have a real PC with operating  system of your choice with full control.
In this article i will show you how to use Windows 7 VM with GNS3. Following are the step by step process of configuring VM in GNS3:

1. Create or install any virtual machine in VirtualBox. I already have an installed VM i.e. "Win 7" so i will use this for lab.
2. Now open the GNS3 1.1 and go to Edit\Preferences and from VirtualBox VMs menu create a new VM by clicking the New button.

3. Select the desire Virtual Machine from next menu, i am selecting the only created VM "win 7" and then click finish.
4. Once you finished, you can find your VM in GNS3 devices.

5. Drag the "win 7" VM on Dashboard, i have created the following topology with this VM.
6. Right click on VM and click start, GNS3 will start booting Windows 7 with help VirtualBox. Once it is booted, now you can configure IP address for it. Open local area connections properties and double click on internet protocol version 4

and assign the IP address and gateway.

Watch a Video how to use VM on GNS3

how to use or configure virtualBox VM with GNS3... by Waqasgk


  1. virtualbox option is not available in my gns3 in edit->prefrences options

  2. Hi there.,

    Can I use VMware Workstation instead of using Oracle Virtualbox??

    I tried to integrate both of them but i only can able to ping them but unable to take virtual pc from VMware Workstation.

    kindly assist me

    1. Yes you can use the VM on Workstation to simulate it but you have to run the workstation at the same that might cost you high the resource of you PC

  3. GNS3 version should be updated, then you will see :)