baseconfig.txt GNS3 Error | Download Baseconfig.txt file

Baseconfig.txt: No such file or directory | 203-bad number of parameters (5 with min/max 2/2)

You may get the above message while inserting some of your router IOS in GNS3, normally this happen only to switch IOS for gns3 and all other devices IOS like routers, Qemu, computer, frame relay and server are working fine.

And after that when you try you start this router you may received message: 
203-bad number of parameters (5 with min/max 2/2)

Gns3 shows above message when there is not configured a proper path for basefile.txt file, basefile.txt contain the basic configuration or default configuration for respective IOS. You can configure the basefile in gns3 by following steps:

  1. Download the basefile.txt for Gns3 from this link.
  2. Open "IOS images and hypervisors" windows from edit menu.
  3. locate the basefile.txt that you have download in step-1
  4. Once you can finished the above steps, click on save.

Hope this article is helpful and informative for you and i like to thank you for reading this article.


  1. i am getting dynamips.exe fatal gns versio 2.0.1. how to download base file