Windows 8 Start menu search | Setting search | File Search:

In windows 7 if you want to search something from start menu then its simple type query in start and you will find your result.

In this article I will show you how you perform the search from start menu on windows 8. It also simple in windows 8 as well. There some ways to search items from start menu in windows 8.
  1. Simplest one is use the shortcut keys
·         Application Search: Windows key + Q
·         Search settings: Windows key + W
·         Search Files on windows 8: Windows key + F
You can learn more windows 8 shortcuts keys

  1. Press windows key and type the keyword that you want to search it will show you the result against your qurery.

Second ways to perform search from Commonly Toolbar that appear when you place your mouse at right down corner or simple press Windows key + C. Click on search and search menu will open type and find the search result from your start menu and from computer.

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