GNS3 | Basic Configuration Of Tinycore Linux 3.4 Qemu image | Windows 7

In this small article i will show you how to configure the Tinycore Linux 3.4 in GNS3. Unlike the other some qemu images Tinycore Linux 3.4 have a GUI.
  • To use Tinycore Linux 3.4 image first you have define the path of image in Edit\peferences\qemu\qemu host\binary image.
  • For basic IP configuration there are two ways that you can use:
    • Start the Tinycore Linux 3.4 qemu following loading screen is appear.
    • Wait for complete loading 

    • After loading you will find qemu GUI with bottom Menu. Click on Panel/network, a pop up windows is open and define the IP address & gateway in respective fields.

  • For second method click on aterm from bottom menu of qemu, console is appear use following commands for IP configuration.
tc@box:$ sudo su
root@box:$ Ifconfig eth0 netmask
root@box:$ Route add default gw eth0