How to decoding or get a level 7 (enable secret) password on Cisco Router | services password-encryption

How to convert the Cisco enable secret password into plain text:

This article is only for learning purposes in which I ll show you that how you can decode a Cisco enable secret password into clear text. When the "password-encryption service" is enabled on a router or switch, then the “show running config” command will shows an encrypted password using a hash algorithm as shown in figure that will hide your real password.

You can revert this password with different utilities or using some on-line websites.

So let's start by setting up a password in the clear text:

R1 (config) # line console 0
R1 (config-line) # password Ci$co
R1 (config-line) # login
R1 (config-line) # exit

Of course, the password appears in clear text in the running-config ...

Now you can encrypt this password using password-encryption service", you can use the following command for this purpose:

R1 (config) # services password-encryption
The password is now encrypted and therefore unreadable in the configuration ...

If you want to decode the password, you can use following website that offers this feature:

you can put the hash in type 7 hash field and then click on reverse and you are done.