You must use 'manual mode' to connect a link with a NM-16ESW module

Last nigth I am trying to emulate a swithing module, so I have have use NM-16ESW. But when i check for the NM-16ESW moduled interfaces, I do not see NM-16ESW in command line.

 I also try the manual connection but not able to find this module.
After a lot of experiment i have come to know that this is an IOS problem i have tried
  • c2600-i-mz.123-22
  • c7200-jk9s-mz.124-13b
  • c3700
but none of above is working correctly with  NM-16ESW module.

then i try c3640-jk9o3s-mz.124-16a (33MB), its working fine with NM-16ESW module.
so if you also have the same problem then try this IOS and please feedback me...

How to add Qemu host in Gns3 1.1 | IP and gateway configuration

The most simple way of simulating a PC in Gns3 with Qemu host or using Tinycore Linux. In this article we will see how to run qemu host in Gns3. If you want to learn more about GNS3 pleae visit "how to use GNS3 1.3"

How to use Qemu on Gns3 1.1:

you can add qemu host in gns3 with following steps:

  • Download qemu-img for gns3, you can find a link for download in bottom of this post.
  • Open Gns3 1.1 and navigate to Edit \ Preferences \ Qemu \Qemu VMs and click on new button.

  • A will new wizard will be start, define name, image-path and RAM and finish the wizard.
  • Once you done you will see qemu PC in Gns3 devices.  

How to add Qemu on Gns3 0.8.X

GNS3 0.8.X shows error "Please configure a Qemu host" when there is no default IOS image set for qemu, to resolve this problem click on Edit/Preferences. You need a IOS image foe qemu host that you can download free from internet. Then click on Qemu\qemu tab and define the "identifier name" and binary image location and then click on save button.
 IOS image configuration for Qemu host is completed.
how to configure IP and default gateway for qemu host:
  • Now insert a "qemu host" and router on topology area rigth click on host then click on start a console is appear wait to complete the loading. after some time console appear as shown in figure, now you can configure the qemu host. 

  • For IP and default gateway configuration use the following commands. 
tc@box:$ sudo su 
Configure IP For Qemu: root@box:$ Ifconfig eth0 netmask
Configure GW For Qemu: root@box:$ Route add default gw eth0

you can download Qenu IOS image from here, for more information you can ask any question thanks for visiting.

Following are some methods for simulating PC on GNS3