Download NEW Cisco IOS for GNS3 2020

Download NEW Cisco IOS for Gns3 2020

In this article i will share you the list of NEW Cisco IOS Images which are available for download. These are the working Cisco IOS images, which are tested and verified with the latest version of Gns3. With new GNS3 you have IOU and GNS3 appliances available for different virtual networking labs.

Short introduction to Cisco IOS Images

Cisco IOS image is a collection of network operating functions and systems used in Cisco network appliances and these IOS images allow the users to interact with the hardware of Cisco devices. By default every Cisco device have a installed IOS images but you can change and reinstall the new version IOS anytime. Users can interact with Cisco hardware through the command line interface (CLI) or the graphical user interface (GUI). CLI is the basic text-based environment, where you can configure your Cisco device by using different commands. In GUI mode, you have graphic interface which allows the user to interact with the system in a much better and easy way.

Cisco IOS Functions:

You can perform and enable different networking function using these Cisco IOS images, some of these are as following.
  • Interface Addressing and Management
  • Enable routing and switching functions
  • Configuration of different protocol on Cisco devices
  • Security features
  • Switching and Routing
  • Quality of Service
The Cisco IOS image is stored in flash-memory, this means the following:
  • It is a non volatile storage, which mean that the information is not lost in case of power shutdown.
  • But it can be modified or configured as required.
  • You can store several versions of IOS images.
  • The IOS is copied from flash memory to volatile RAM.
  • The size of flash-memory & RAM determines which image can be installed in device.

How to Download New Cisco IOS Images for GNS3

If you already installed the GNS3 network simulator on your computer then you can use these Cisco IOS images with your GNS3. In case you have not installed GNS3, then you can download it from its official website and can install easily. If you want to learn how to download and install the GNS3 you can visit the link.
GNS3 is the most famous and easy to use network simulator which is available free on internet.Using GNS3 you can make different network labs.

Note: Cisco IOS images are subject to copyright and you are need to follow the legal license policies and terms.

You can download GNS3 IOS images for router, switch, ASA and PIX. Different IOS image series such as 2900, 3700, and 7200 are available here.

Gns3 Image Download by Category 

How to use Cisco Images in Gns3

You can add these IOS images into gns3 and can use in different networking Labs. If you want to learn how to add IOS images to Gns3 you can visit here.
Thank you for visit here, please share your experience after using these IOS for improving this article for you..!

What is hosts file location on windows 10 and how to edit hosts file?

What is hosts file location on windows 10 and how to edit hosts file?

This artical is about the "What is hosts file location on windows 10 and how to edit hosts file?
". A complete guide about Hosts file and its purposes.

What is Hosts file?

A hosts file is a local file on a computer which contain all the hosts and their IP address. Basically hosts file map the domain name or hosts names into IP addresses.
When the Internet (WWW) did not exist as such, but there were already small local networks from computers connected to each other, even then they came to the conclusion that it is much easier to access hosts (computers on the network) by name, rather than by a digital code called an IP address. Therefore, a list of correspondence of the hosts name and its IP address was manually generated. Such list was called Hosts and sent to all nodes on the local network. Everything was wonderful right up to the moment when it was no longer possible to use such a method due to the huge number of records contained in this file. Sending it has become problematic.

Purpose and Uses of Hosts File

Hosts file is available on all operating system from linux to windows. Another distinctive feature of it is that it does not have an extension, but this is due to the fact that it works it must be in any OS, and therefore must be universal. Although it is a relic of the past, there are still plenty of ways to use the Hosts both for good and not very good purposes. For example, viruses and virus writers love it very much and often use either phishing duplicates of official sites or to block the ability to update your antivirus program.
In past when we don’t have a fast internet connection, many users registered the resources they visited most often in Hosts files. And also blocked the servers through it with advertising, well, or access to the programs that they activated, let’s say, without paying developers.
But even now, this file can be beneficial, including for webmasters. For example, when changing the hostsing, you sometimes have to wait a day, before the new IP address of your site is registered through all DNS servers. However, you can begin to work and test the site on a new hostsing immediately after its placement there in hosts file.
In addition to this, it will generally be useful to know where the Hosts file is located, how to find it on different operating systems, how to check it for virgin purity from virus entries, and, finally, how it should look in the original.
Syntax of hosts file:
By default there is only single entry in hosts file:

# localhosts
#::1 localhosts

IP address is address of local hosts (pointing to same computer). Second line is representing the ipv6 address of same localhosts. Both standards for setting IP addresses are still used or can be used, and both lines are usually present in the Hosts file. Following is the simple of hosts file present on windows.

The syntax of the hosts file is very simple. Every entry is starting with ‘#’ symbol followed by the the IP address, and then the name of the hosts (computer, hosts or domain) is written. A separate line is used for each record of this kind.
Locations of the hosts file on windows 10
This raises the main question, and what is the current position of Hosts in the process of establishing the correspondence between the domain names entered in the browser and those IP addresses that are hidden behind these domains? Well, as it turned out, it occupies a very important place, namely the first.

In older versions of Windows, such as XP or 2000, it was open to all comers and lived in system folders at the following address:
You won’t believe it, but he lives at the same address both in Windows 7 and windows 10, but everything is somewhat more complicated there, for having passed along the path:

Folders etc you will not find there. The developers decided that ordinary mortals should not touch this file to avoid problems.

However, the hosts file in windows 7 and vista still has a place to be, you just need to look for it, having received Administrator rights. Personally, I never even tried to figure out all this nonsense with rights, but for myself I found a very simple way to get around this restriction.

How to edit a hosts file?

Open the hosts file directory from his path and then right click on hosts file and open it with the notepad.

Well, actually, half the job is done. Now in notebook, select “File” - “Open” from the top menu. In the standard window of Windows Explorer, find the desired folder etc (inside the Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ directory), select in the bottom right corner from the "All files" drop-down list and with happy eyes observe the appearance of this top-secret file:

How to remove virus entries from hosts file?

Hosts file will be without expansion, and the rest of the crap, like hosts.txt, is very often created by viruses to distract your attention and confuse you in the end. For the real file, they set the “Hidden” attribute, which can be set or removed by simply right-clicking on the file and choosing the lowest “Properties” item:
We still found where this secret (for Windows 7 and vista) file is located, and we should carefully examine it for possible abuse. If the initial examination of the patient did not reveal any pathologies, then look at the scroll area of ​​the page in Notepad .

Sometimes the virus makes its entries after several hundred blank lines, thereby reducing the risk of them being detected by you. If there is no scroll bar, then everything is fine, but if there is, then use it and bring your Hosts to the form that it should have from birth, i.e. it will be sufficient to have only two lines in it localhosts
 ::1  localhosts

Well, if the substitution of addresses in this file is pretty simple, for example, it might look like this: localhosts
 ::1  localhosts
So how, then, is blocking certain sites through hosts? Well, just the domain you want to block is assigned a private IP address of, for example, like this: localhosts
 ::1  localhosts
The clever browser finds this correspondence and tries to get the necessary document (web page) from your own computer, which, naturally, does not succeed and about which he will immediately inform you. By the way, this is a good way to block your children access to sites that you think they should not visit. Of course, it will still be necessary to create a list of such sites or take them somewhere, but if you wish, you can completely try.
As I mentioned, in ancient times, when the Internet was still slow for most users, they were prescribed IPs in Hosts to speed up the opening of sites. Another thing is that these same resources periodically changed the hostsing and with it the IP addresses. And the user, having forgotten about what he did six months ago to speed up the Internet, is trying in vain to understand why his favorite resources are not available to him.

How to use hosts when transferring a site to a new hostsing?

Well, in the end, I would like to talk about how, by making changes to the file, the Hosts can work with a site that has moved to a new hostsing before a new record is written on all DNS servers (matching your domain with a new IP address ) The method is very simple, but effective.

So, you are changing the hosts. Naturally, the IP address of your site is changing. How do they find out on the Internet? Everything is correct, using the network of DNS servers. By the way, you will take the first and most important step yourself by going to the control panel of your registrar and writing down the addresses of the NS servers of your new hostser there.

It is from them that the new DNS will spread throughout the Internet. But this process is lengthy and in the worst case scenario it can take a couple of days. At this time, the site should be available on both the new and the old hosting, so that users from all over the world would not be deprived of the opportunity to see it.

However, you yourself will be interested to find out, but how, in fact, your resource feels at the new hostser? Check the operation of all plugins and other things. Do you really have to wait from a few hours to two days? After all, it is unbearable.

Firstly, it will be possible to try to reset the DNS cache on your computer itself, because it may prevent you from seeing your resource on a new hostsing if external DNS servers have already received a new record. How to do it? Again, everything is very simple. Press the key combination Win + R on the keyboard (or select the "Run" item from the "Start" menu), and then enter in the window that opens:
A very scary window will open under the name of the command line, where you will need to insert this command:

ipconfig /flushdns
Regular paste buttons in the command window do not work, so just right-click on it and select "Paste."

After that, click on "Enter", the DNS cache will be cleared on your computer and you can try to open your site again. By the way, DNS cache may also be present in the browser itself, so clear it or refresh the window by holding down the Shift button on the keyboard.

By the way, if interested, you can view the contents of the DNS cache by entering the following command at the command prompt:

ipconfig /displaydns
Still opening a site on an old hosting? No problem. We find the Hosts file described in the way described above and adds only one line to it:

Where - this will be the IP address of your new hosting , and then the domain name of your site will follow. Everything. While the rest of the world admires your resource on the old hosting, you have the opportunity to fix possible jambs on the engine already transferred to the new hosting. The thing is wonderful and I always use it.

How to Resolve Microsoft Store Error 0x000001F7 Windows 10

How to Resolve Microsoft Store Error  0x000001F7 Windows 10

In this article i will share a very effective and useful solution to resolve Microsoft Store Error  0x000001F7 Windows 10. This error 0x000001F7 occurs in Windows 10 when you start the app store. Its appears immediately when you try to open windows store, download or simply see the application fail.

Reasons for the code 0x000001F7

There can be two most common reasons of error 0x000001F7 for users:
who have access to the Windows Store and who do not have it. In this case, the error code is the same, and those people who download applications can see a rather high download speed, and after loading, the code 0x000001F7 or 0x80131505 will appear.

It is difficult to say exactly what the reasons can serve for the emergence of a similar problem. One culprit could be a simple server. Damage to system files, system errors, virus infection of the system is also worth considering.

If you encounter an error 0x000001F7 try using the standard methods used in the correction of codes in the Windows Store.

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How to Fix Windows Store Error  0x000001F7

You can try the following methods to resolve Windows 10 Store Error  0x000001F7:

Connect to another network or restart PC

Two simple recommendations that the user must follow. If he has already done this, let him proceed to the following points. Let's say the code 0x000001F7 appears. As mentioned above, the problem could have occurred if there were problems on the server side, and this is not our fault and we need to wait a bit. But there is another reason - as an Internet connection. In practice, sometimes it turns out that some kind of Windows service works with one connection, but does not work with another, so if you can connect, for example, to another access point, use this.

Do not forget to restart the computer, it will suddenly help.

Change date and time

This action is not a fact that will help, but it’s worth taking. First check that the date and time are correct, if the data is incorrect then we will do the following:

  • Right-click on the date and time icon on the taskbar, and then click on the item “date and time Setting ”.
  • Set the option “Set time automatically” to the on position.
  • If this option does not help (sometimes it happens), set the date with time manually, referring to the data on the Internet.
  • Restart the PC and check the operation of Widows Store.

Use Windows 10 troubleshooter

To solve common problems, Windows 10 has built-in the ability to automatically fix problems for various tools. To use this function, you must act as follows:

  • Open the system settings using the key combination Win + I.
  • Go to the section "Update and Security."
  • Left click on the subsection "Troubleshooting".

  • On the right, we find the parameter “Windows Store apps”.
  • We act in accordance with the instructions offered by the tool.

Reset application to fix error 0x000001F7

Sometimes resetting firmware that has problems helps to get rid of all problems. We proceed to action:

  • Click the combination of Win + I.
  • Next, go to the "App and feature".
  • Search for Microsoft Store and click on it.
  • In the menu that opens click on the link "Advanced Options".

  • Now Click on reset.

  • We complete the process by clicking on the "Finish" button.
  • Click on the button "Reset" to return to the default settings.
  • Restart the PC.

Reinstalling the Windows app store

To resolve the problem with error code 0x000001F7 in the Windows Store, you will need to reinstall. We will do this procedure using the PowerShell utility.

  • Click on the search icon on the taskbar and enter the “PowerShell” command.
  • According to the search result, click the right mouse button and open it with elevated privileges.
  • Writing a simple command (can be copied) - Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$ ($ _. InstallLocation) \\ AppXManifest.xml"} .

Delete cache with WSReset

  • Open the search function and prescribe the command WSReset.exe .
  • Click on the result that appears with the right mouse button and open it with elevated privileges.
  • All actions will be done automatically in a few seconds.

That's all, after each method, try to run the app store. Usually these methods help, but if the reason is completely different, they will not help. Here you will have to independently analyze, for example, the actions that you last did. Even an installed program can lead to an accidental crash, and it is quite difficult to foresee it. Do not forget to check the system for viruses.

Error 0x80073701 Windows 10 Could Not Search For New Updates

Error 0x80073701 Windows 10 Could Not Search For New Updates

Error 0x80073701 windows 10 may appear not only in the Windows 10, but in earlier versions of windows 8 7 and server Series. This article will help you in resolve this issue permanently.

Why the error 0x80073701 appears?

Before going into the processor how to get rid of the "Error 0x80073701 Windows 10", it is better to understand the causes of Error 0x80073701 Windows 10. This will allow you to find the exact approach to solving the error.

  1. The most well-known reason is the windows update . When a user installs an update, during this, or after the installation, a blue screen of death or just an error code 0x80073701 appears. The same code will be displayed in the update window.
  2. There is another reason that takes place on server platforms (Windows Server). Here it happens during the installation of the Net Framework component or the server role.
  3. Critical error in the client to upgrade the system. In other words, when you try to update, the code 0x80073701 may appear abruptly.
  4. After installing certain games or programs that add some dynamic libraries and other components to the system.
Perhaps there are similar reasons for the error with this code. According to Microsoft, code 0x80073701 does not imply damage to the registry, virus infection, incompatibility of software or hardware, or hacking the system. This means that the search for a solution to the problem narrows a little.

Frequent reason is updates that were not fully uploaded, and when you try to download them again, some of the components are already in the system.

How to fix error code 0x80073701 windows 10?

Disposing Windows of this error is done in different ways, depending on the cause. For example, if the user has a system update service of the latest version, then this may also be the cause. For Windows 8 or 7, you can use the following link .

In the same place there is an instruction on an update of the agent of the updating center and links to downloading.

Remove Windows Updates

In this method, you are required to run few commands with administrative privileges. Open Run type CMD and opent the command prompt. Enter commands to disable some services. Then we delete the contents of the SoftwareDistribution catalog.

Enter the following commands:

net stop wuauserv
net stop cryptSvc
net stop bits

net stop msiserver
Go to the system disk and find the directory named SoftwareDistribution and clear all the contents. 

Rename it to any name. Here you will need to re-enter some commands:
ren C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old ren C: \ Windows \ System32 \ newSD NewSD.old

Where NewSD is a new folder name. Now enable previously disabled services.

  • net start wuauserv
  • net start cryptSvc
  • net start bits
  • net start msiserver

To make it work you need to restart the computer.

Check the date and time

This is a rare case, but it can cause the error 0x80073701. In any version of Windows, changing the date and time is very easy:

  • Click the right mouse button on the time on the taskbar and select the item "Date and time settings" (For Windows 10).
  • If the "Set time automatically" switch is on, and the time is incorrect, try setting the indicators manually.
  • Restart the PC.

Use windows troubleshooter to troubleshoot error code  0x80073701

For Windows 7-10 there is a special utility that solves many problems. Windows update faults can also be fixed. For any version of Windows, you can download the Windows Update troubleshooting tool.

After launch, select the object that needs to be checked for errors, in our case, “Windows Update”. Click "Next".

Automatically program check system. A window may appear where you need to run the utility as an administrator. Choose this item.

If the problem is found, the assistant must solve it, otherwise a message appears that all is well.

This utility is useful on Windows 7 and 8. In the windows 10 there is a built-in tool that is located here:

Click Win + I to get into the system settings.
Click on the section "Updates and security."
In the left part of the window click on the subsection "Troubleshooting".
In the right part of the window we find the item “Windows Update”.

Now the error 0x80073701 should be eliminated, and if it is not, go ahead.

Restoring the integrity of system files

Using the command line, you can work wonders. In this method, we will use a utility that recovers damaged system files, provided they are present, of course.

  • Open a command prompt with elevated privileges.
  • Register the following: sfc / scannow .
  • We are waiting for the end of the result.

For backup use another OS image recovery tool. It is necessary in the same command line to enter the following:

Dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth

Unfortunately, this team requires access to the Internet using the update center, and if there is a problem with it, then nothing will work. But there is one solution method - you should have a ready image of the operating system of the version that is on the computer. Transfer it to a convenient folder and copy the path. Now the command will look like this:

DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth / Source: C: \ path-to-distribution \ Windows / LimitAccess

When done, restart the computer and use the sfc / scannow data integrity tool again.

If you could get rid of the error 0x80073701, post about it in the comments. 

Error Code 43 USB | How to Fix the problem on Windows 10

Error Code 43 USB | How to Fix the problem | USB Device is not Recognize 

In this article we will learn how to resolve Error Code 43 USB. Here are six ways to to solve error code 43 on USB controller. USB is one of the leading device connection interfaces. You can exchanged data with many types of devices using USB interface, and it also has good software compatibility on windows. When you connect any device via USB, the computer should immediately identify it, but an unexpected failure can occur which is "Error Code 43 USB".

There are various reasons for this USB interface error. You can identify it, when you will connect any USB and in the file-explorer, you will not see the connected device. Now open device manager it is not detected at all and is marked with a yellow exclamation mark. In the properties of the problem device, you can see the following lines: “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43) " , or something similar.

Why the USB device reports code 43

Below we consider several reasons and their decisions about why when connecting via USB, the device is informed by code 43.

Reason 1: Ports Damaged

Rarely, Yes it is possible that the device was plugged into a damaged-port, that why connection with the motherboard does not occur. It is important to carefully examine the port, it is recommended to disassemble the PC or laptop altogether and see if everything is in order. If there are additional ports, try connecting the device to them, if error 43 does not come up and the problem is most likely in the device itself or the wire.

Reason 2: PC Hardware Malfunction

It happens that when connected, the device gives an error only because of a temporary hardware failure. This happens and is fixed easily. In this case you need to restart the computer - this is at best, or completely de-energize it, wait a couple of minutes, and then re-enable and check the operation. If restarts not work then remove the battery. And after switching on, you connect everything you need via USB.

Reason 3: Save power for USB mode

With a lack of power for the device, Error Code 43 USB can occurs, so you will not find the device. This problem is fixed very easily. Go to the device manager, for which you click the Win + X keys and select the desired item.

Next, we find the problem device and go to the properties. Go to the tab "Power Management" and uncheck the option "Allow the computer to turn off to save power. ".

Reason 4: Most Common: Problems with USB drivers

There are situations when you connect a device, it normally installed the driver and there was a conflict with other drivers, for example, outdated ones. When you connected a similar device and you have already installed the necessary software, these drivers may not be compatible with this device, the error code 43 USB. To resolve the software issue of USB you need to remove the device driver from computer.Open the "device manager" by right click on MY PC from File Explorer . Then Click on Manage and you will the device manager from left menus. Now Right click the USB device which is showing "Error Code 43 USB" and click on Uninstall.

It is recommended that after uninstall of USB drivers to restart the PC and reconnect the device again. One more thing. If the problem is in the USB drivers of the controller, then we do the same procedure - we uninstall the device, and then restart the PC. It is necessary to uninstall the “root USB-hub” .

If the drivers are out-dated, then you need to be update these drives for USB. Open the device manager and right-click on the problem device. Select the option "Update drivers" .

From new window opens  select "search automatically for updated driver software. "  Then windows starts searching latest drive for you.

Next, select the item "Select a driver from the list of already installed drivers". Another window appears where we select the same driver designed for USB. Most likely it is called "USB Root Hub". Click the "Next" button .

Effective way to remove drivers when error 43 in Windows

If you don’t come out to remove the driver you need, and this most often happens, then there are special utilities that will do everything in a couple of clicks.
Since the device reported error code 43, this could be a driver conflict or a normal failure during the automatic driver installation. Then we simply remove all USB drivers, both new and outdated and conflicting. You do not need to be afraid, after connecting the disks, flash drives and other devices, the drivers are reinstalled.

Reason 5: After reinstalling or updating drivers

If you have just reinstalled Windows, then a lack of necessary drivers, even for a motherboard, can cause error code 43 of USB devices. Then you can use third-party software or need to visit vendor website to install drivers for the motherboard and many other components. For example, DriverPack Solution. 

Reason 6: Registry problems | Only Recommended if you have Technical knowledge

Not always, but USB error 43 pops up due to registry errors. Prolonged operation of the computer causes multiple entries in the registry, which lead to errors, so it must be periodically cleaned. The best utility for this will be CCleaner, although each has its own taste for others.

Other ways to troubleshoot of Error Code 43 USB 

We have analyzed a lot of options, why unknown device Error Code 43 USB  appears. But this is not all, maybe there are other reasons and they are somehow eliminated. I hope many of you who have found additional solutions can share this in the comments.
So, there are reasons that play an unlikely role in the appearance of an error with code 43, but we will also enter them here.
  • Check the same USB device on another computer or port, if it does not work there, then there is a problem in the USB controller of the device itself. It remains to give it in for repair.
  • If there are USB hubs and such an error appears, then try to connect without them.
  • If none of the above helped, but you are sure that the problem arose due to a system failure, you can return Windows using recovery points , of course, if you have it.
  • Finally, the last thing is to reinstall the system, but I recommend doing it only if you are sure that the problem is not in the device itself, but the computer ports are in perfect order, then it is quite possible that this is at the software level. In this Case you can try the USB Hubs.

I hope these recommendations will help you to fix error code 43, and you will normally be able to use USB-connected devices.

What is WiFi Repeater in Networking | Choose WiFi Range Extender

What is WiFi Repeater in Networking | Choose WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi repeater in Networking is a device that allows you to expand an existing Wi-Fi network, repeating the signals exactly. You need to install a repeater at the very border of signal reception. In a data-network, a repeater can repeat the messages or signals between sub-networks that use different protocols/cable types. A repeater can not do the intelligent routing performed by bridges and routers. Hubs can operate as repeaters by relaying messages to all connected computers. 

When using a normal WiFi router, there may be one problem. If the router is cheap enough, then you may face an issue of bad signals. If the router is located in a house with concrete or very thick walls, then the signal will be even worse. Of course, the more expensive models have the possibility of changing the antennas to more powerful ones, but this is impossible for budget models. I lead to the fact that to increase the signal area of ​​the router, you can use special equipment, which is called a wifi repeater in networking.

What is a repeater and what are its functions?

A repeater is a device that allows you to expand the existing WiFi network, repeating it exactly. You need to install a repeater at the very border of signal reception. For small network one repeater will be enough. It is necessary to acquire more than one device for various enterprises and firms. Since the signal will have to be broadcast on several floors, and then all this should be combined into one network. An interesting technology called WDS is introduced in modern routers, which also allows you to expand the network by combining several access points into one network. This network will use the same frequency, encryption and password.

It is worth noting that if there is a dual-band router, that is, it can work both at 2 GHz and at 5 GHz , you need to acquire an appropriate repeater that can extend the signal of both bands.

How repeater work, and how to choose a repeater?

The function of the repeater to extend the wifi signals. You need to place it in the place where the signal from the router ends, but not very far, and then it will amplify the signal and transmit further, that's all science.

Following are some main functions or characteristic of repeater working:

  • A repeater repeats exactly the network that you use, in other words, it copies data about your Wi-Fi network and transmits it further. Usually, to configure both devices, you need to press the WPS button on the router and on the repeater.
  • The device will connect to the Wi-Fi equipment, from which the signal level is higher. That is, if you are sitting closer to the repeater, then, for example, the smartphone will connect to it, because its signal is greater.
  • No matter what you connect devices (TVs, tablets, smartphones) to the repeater or to the router, the network will be one, and you can do whatever you want with it.
We now turn to the question of what kind of repeaters can be and which one can be purchased. There are many different types of repeaters that sometimes are difficult to understand. For home network use quite suitable for small and inexpensive devices that plug into the outlet. Such devices are put in place of not very good signal reception.

For larger network, you need to purchase devices that create access points. It is necessary that they have WDS technology or work as a repeater. Although it is the same thing.
Devices should have sufficiently powerful antennas, preferably 5 dBi, and so that they are removable if you suddenly want to change them to even more powerful ones. By the way, there are also routers that can work in repeater mode. I will not say anything about the model, everyone chooses to his own taste.

GNS3 Appliances | Features and uses

GNS3 Appliances | Features and uses

What are GNS3 Appliances?

GNS3 appliances are modern way to create different virtual network scenario on GNS3. These are PRE CONFIGURED IOS and operating systems and you can use them in GNS3 for creating the different virtual labs. After the release on new GNS3 version now different vendors are provide images of their operating system for free. Mostly Cisco images are paid. You can purchase Cisco IOS images or a VIRL license from

There are different types of GNS3 appliances are available at You can simply download these appliances and can create different network lab on your PC. Before GNS3 appliances you only have GNS3 images for creating network labs on GNS3. The GNS3-appliances are configured with its recommended-settings & have been carefully tested. You can have a much better user experience using these gns3 virtual appliances.

Features of GNS3 Appliances:

With pre-configured GNS3 appliances you have the following benefits:

  • As GNS3 virtual appliances are configure with recommended and best setting that why you will also encounter fewer errors.
  • These GNS3 virtual appliances are capable to find the suitable images and required files from your local directory. Download links are also available for installation of these required custom images while importing these appliances.
  • GNS3 appliances include some pre-installed OS for virtual environment. You can use them directly in GNS3 and save a lot of time for you.
  • Now different vendors like Cisco, juniper, Ubuntu, windows etc are providing their operation system and network device/appliances for creating virtual labs on Gns3. So you can have virtual hands-on experience with these appliances.

Types of appliances available at

Following are the appliances which are available on GNS3 website for creating virtual labs. If you are havingissue while importing GNS3 virtual appliances you can visit here.
There are different types of GNS3 applainces are available on GNS3 website like Cisco IOS, Different operating Systems, Web-browser, Security Devices and systems etc

  1. PA-VM (Palo Alto Networks)
  2. Cisco IOSvL2
  3. Cisco ISE
  4. FreeNAS (iXsystems)
  5. Ubuntu Docker Guest
  6. Checkpoint GAiA (Checkpoint)
  7. FortiGate
  8. Cisco 3660
  9. Cisco 2691
  10. Cisco IOU L3
  11. Cisco
  12. Firefox
  13. Cloudrouter
  14. HP VSR1001
  15. BSDRP
  16. OpenWrt
  17. Open vSwitch
  18. NX-OSv 9000
  19. Juniper vMX vFP
  20. Ubuntu Cloud Guest
  21. Ubuntu Desktop Guest
  22. Juniper vSRX
  23. Cisco IOSv
  24. Junos Space
  25. Cisco 7200
  26. OpenSUSE
  27. OpenSUSE Project
  28. Windows server
  29. Cisco CSR1000v
  30. Sophos XG
  31. Cisco IOS XRv
  32. Cisco IOU L2
  33. Fulvio Ricciardi
  34. PacketFence ZEN
  35. Zentyal Server
  36. Cisco ASAv
  37. Cisco IOS XRv 9000
  38. Cisco 3745
  39. Windows
  40. Ubuntu
  41. MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router
  42. Citrix NetScaler VPX
  43. InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance
  44. Dell FTOS
  45. OpenBSD
  46. Sophos UTM Home Edition
  47. WordPress
  48. Turnkey Linux
  49. OPNsense
  50. Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance
  51. CentOS Cloud Guest
  52. Kali Linux
  53. Kerio Connect

Above are the few name for complete list more details og GNS3 appliances, you can visit "" and can download you favorite GNS3 virtual appliances
For new GNS3 IOS images you can visit here.
Thank you for visiting here.