How to uninstall vpn unlimited Completly -Top 3 Methods

 The "VPN Unlimited" software is a lightweight and efficient piece of protection meant to assist you in hiding your browsing habits when on the internet, by tunnelling through several worldwide servers.

how to uninstall vpn unlimited

In this article you will learn how to uninstall vpn unlimited from windows 10. VPN Unlimited may be an unwanted program on your computer. This guide will help you to uninstall "VpnUnlimited". Follow the simple instructions and it will take no time at all!

VPN Unlimited doesn't have the best reputation for being a reliable VPN. In fact, many users who installed it say they had issues with connection to their locations and functionality on different devices such as routers or mobile phones.

Rasons why i am unable to uninstall the VPN unlimited :

One of the most common problems with VPN Unlimited's uninstallation is that it does not start or operate properly. When you click on "Uninstall" in your browser bar, there are a few different things which can happen: 

1 ) It is possible for a user to have an incomplete uninstallation of VPN Unlimited. If this happens, there could be other causes behind it and thorough removal may help resolve the problem quicker than just uninstalling it from your computer once-and-for all!

2) You may receive an error message stating "There was problem uninstalling this app." This could be because one or more files were not successfully uninstalled and so they won't fully remove from device memory even though all related traces have been removed; 

3) For some unknown reason - such as due to another process taking over!-- The program will just sit at square brackets after hitting Enter but doesn't go anywhere else- meaning if we want these pesky ads/toolbars off.

How do I Uninstall VPN Unlimited Windows 10?


To Uninstall VPN Unlimited, use a third-party uninstaller.

You can use Revo Uninstaller Pro, download and install this software. once you done, open the Revo uninstaller and navigate to "Logs Database".

uninstall vpn unlimed

Go to the search bar and type "VPN Unlimited" in the Search bar, all logs of this VPN are listed. You can see which one is compatible with your Windows version by scrolling down. 

You will need to select the appropriate log from a list and press Uninstall.

revo uninstaller
After a few moments, you'll see the download and import of your log to Revo Uninstaller Pro. The application then prompts you with a main window displaying progress while it's executing an uninstallation for VPN Unlimited!

Method-2 :

Uninstall VPN Unlimited by using default windows option  from your device's Apps & Features/Programs and Features.

Open the program and features and navigate to "add or remove Program".

add and remove program windows 10

Look for VPN Unlimited in the list and click on it. Then, follow these steps: Click “Uninstall” so that you can initiate removal of this program from your computer!
uninstall vpn unlimed from windows 10

Click on the uninstall to remove it completly from the windows 10.

Method-3: (Manually Remove VPN Unlimited from registry)

If no method is working for you, this you can try this method to uninstall the VPN unlimited.

For this you need to login with administator. The account with administrative rights is critical to log in securely. Without it, you can make changes on the operating system without providing a password.

Stop the VPN Unlimited:

Stop the VPN Unlimited, make sure program also not runnin in your background no matter what. It's not necessary for removal of some programs, but it is recommended.

Remove the program from Programs and Features:

First remove the VPN unlimited from windows Programs and Features, as we have done in above method. Once wizard is completed, open the windows registry.

Remove the entries from windows registry:

Press the "windows+R" and type "regedit" to open the Windows Registry Editor.

remove the vpn unlimited with registry

Now navigate to the folder "folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KeepSolid Inc." If found the "KeepSolid Inc", delete them to completely remove VPN Unlimited. 

Restart your computer to take effect the changes.

Is there a program on your computer blocking the uninstall of VPN Unlimited? If so, try booting up windows in Safe Mode and see if that solves the issue. ANd try the uninstall VPN Unlimited again.