How to add Qemu host in Gns3 1.1 | IP and gateway configuration

The most simple way of simulating a PC in Gns3 with Qemu host or using Tinycore Linux. In this article we will see how to run qemu host in Gns3. If you want to learn more about GNS3 pleae visit "how to use GNS3 1.3"

How to use Qemu on Gns3 1.1:

you can add qemu host in gns3 with following steps:

  • Download qemu-img for gns3, you can find a link for download in bottom of this post.
  • Open Gns3 1.1 and navigate to Edit \ Preferences \ Qemu \Qemu VMs and click on new button.

  • A will new wizard will be start, define name, image-path and RAM and finish the wizard.
  • Once you done you will see qemu PC in Gns3 devices.  

How to add Qemu on Gns3 0.8.X

GNS3 0.8.X shows error "Please configure a Qemu host" when there is no default IOS image set for qemu, to resolve this problem click on Edit/Preferences. You need a IOS image foe qemu host that you can download free from internet. Then click on Qemu\qemu tab and define the "identifier name" and binary image location and then click on save button.
 IOS image configuration for Qemu host is completed.
how to configure IP and default gateway for qemu host:
  • Now insert a "qemu host" and router on topology area rigth click on host then click on start a console is appear wait to complete the loading. after some time console appear as shown in figure, now you can configure the qemu host. 

  • For IP and default gateway configuration use the following commands. 
tc@box:$ sudo su 
Configure IP For Qemu: root@box:$ Ifconfig eth0 netmask
Configure GW For Qemu: root@box:$ Route add default gw eth0

you can download Qenu IOS image from here, for more information you can ask any question thanks for visiting.

Following are some methods for simulating PC on GNS3


    1. Very good article.

      Can you give us a trust link to help us to get Qemu IOS?

      10x again

    2. use this link to download qemu ios
      now a days i am using "Tinycore Linux 3.4 Qemu image" that is working fine for me..thanks

    3. in this article i use the "Microcore Linux 3.4 Qemu image"that is another fine image that you can use.

    4. hi,
      i had a problem after installing and setting up the lab on GNS3, i have downloaded Tinycore Linux and connected it to 2600 router, but they are not pinging though i have configured ip addresses etc properly.
      your efforts are appreciated,


    5. make sure u hav configured same subnet of IP adressess on both end and assign exact gateway.

    6. Hi i tried to qemu host but it is not starting. Can u plz help me in this regard.

    7. use linux-microcore-3.8.2 it will works fine.

    8. I am having problems using Windows machine on Qemu host. Does anybody know where to get a working Windows image? Does anybody know how to create a Windows image that works on Qemu?

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    12. what u wana know about NTP server ???

    13. plz tell me from where i get image for asa 5505,qemu host for gns 3

    14. yes I too want url to get threse images for gns3

    15. it says permission denied

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    17. Good post Man... Keep it up!!!

    18. How to add an IPv6 default gateway in Tinycore Linux in QEMU???

      Thanks a lot

    19. Whenever I configure Qemu Guest, the settings are wiped off as soon as I close the terminal window. How to save the settings?

    20. please tell me when i connecting to multi
      layer switch why its not pinging

    21. Hi, seems like I'm the only one getting this problem. I'm using the Microcore Linux 3.4 Qemu image and whenever I start the qemu host the console pops up but says 'FATAL : NO BOOTABLE DEVICE'. Could someone please hep me out.

    22. Hi, I have a problem with qemu, I did everything that you do step,by step but when I want to start qemu console, it shows for 2 seconds and hidden please help me

    23. hey its a gud 1 bt will u plz tell me wat z d passwd fr root

    24. root is the password itself

    25. Thanks man. you are doing a great job.

    26. Big thanks man, very great job ! Thanks a lot

    27. Was really hopefull - but every time I tried to download the file advertised it tried to download some installer .exe. BUMMER

      1. here is direct link

    28. I am having this message WARNING - VM is not running, will be unresponsive (status=1) !!! while trying to access 7200 router in GNS3, anybody can help?

    29. when i open the console on the qemu i can't write any command!it is all black and i can't write anything!

    30. i have a problem in active qemu
      network error connection refused (inactive)

    31. Best Blog.., Thanks a lot. Becomes ur Fan (Punjab, India)

    32. hi guys help please..
      i tried both linux-microcore-2.10 & linux-tinycore-3.4 when i open terminal, terminal just hangs, not able to configure ip. i am using win10 and gns31.4.0


    33. Hii..I have done Qemu host configuration in GNS3 as mentioned here..but when I am trying to drag Qemu host , it is showing error "206- Not able to create Qemu instance" . I tried "linux-microcore-2.10" img and "linux-tinycore-3.8.2" image..tried different RAM size but
      getting same error. I am running GNS3 on windows 7 PC, 32 bit OS
      Please help me to resolve the issue

    34. Hi,
      I am unable to ping between PC->R1
      R1---(CISCO 3600 router).
      for PC linux-microcore-3.8.2 image is used.

      I am getting following error
      "qemu-system-x86_64: -netdev socket,id=gns3-0,udp=,localaddr= Invalid parameter 'udp'"
      Can any one help on this