GNS3 Appliances | Features and uses

GNS3 Appliances | Features and uses

What are GNS3 Appliances?

GNS3 appliances are modern way to create different virtual network scenario on GNS3. These are PRE CONFIGURED IOS and operating systems and you can use them in GNS3 for creating the different virtual labs. After the release on new GNS3 version now different vendors are provide images of their operating system for free. Mostly Cisco images are paid. You can purchase Cisco IOS images or a VIRL license from

There are different types of GNS3 appliances are available at You can simply download these appliances and can create different network lab on your PC. Before GNS3 appliances you only have GNS3 images for creating network labs on GNS3. The GNS3-appliances are configured with its recommended-settings & have been carefully tested. You can have a much better user experience using these gns3 virtual appliances.

Features of GNS3 Appliances:

With pre-configured GNS3 appliances you have the following benefits:

  • As GNS3 virtual appliances are configure with recommended and best setting that why you will also encounter fewer errors.
  • These GNS3 virtual appliances are capable to find the suitable images and required files from your local directory. Download links are also available for installation of these required custom images while importing these appliances.
  • GNS3 appliances include some pre-installed OS for virtual environment. You can use them directly in GNS3 and save a lot of time for you.
  • Now different vendors like Cisco, juniper, Ubuntu, windows etc are providing their operation system and network device/appliances for creating virtual labs on Gns3. So you can have virtual hands-on experience with these appliances.

Types of appliances available at

Following are the appliances which are available on GNS3 website for creating virtual labs. If you are havingissue while importing GNS3 virtual appliances you can visit here.
There are different types of GNS3 applainces are available on GNS3 website like Cisco IOS, Different operating Systems, Web-browser, Security Devices and systems etc

  1. PA-VM (Palo Alto Networks)
  2. Cisco IOSvL2
  3. Cisco ISE
  4. FreeNAS (iXsystems)
  5. Ubuntu Docker Guest
  6. Checkpoint GAiA (Checkpoint)
  7. FortiGate
  8. Cisco 3660
  9. Cisco 2691
  10. Cisco IOU L3
  11. Cisco
  12. Firefox
  13. Cloudrouter
  14. HP VSR1001
  15. BSDRP
  16. OpenWrt
  17. Open vSwitch
  18. NX-OSv 9000
  19. Juniper vMX vFP
  20. Ubuntu Cloud Guest
  21. Ubuntu Desktop Guest
  22. Juniper vSRX
  23. Cisco IOSv
  24. Junos Space
  25. Cisco 7200
  26. OpenSUSE
  27. OpenSUSE Project
  28. Windows server
  29. Cisco CSR1000v
  30. Sophos XG
  31. Cisco IOS XRv
  32. Cisco IOU L2
  33. Fulvio Ricciardi
  34. PacketFence ZEN
  35. Zentyal Server
  36. Cisco ASAv
  37. Cisco IOS XRv 9000
  38. Cisco 3745
  39. Windows
  40. Ubuntu
  41. MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router
  42. Citrix NetScaler VPX
  43. InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance
  44. Dell FTOS
  45. OpenBSD
  46. Sophos UTM Home Edition
  47. WordPress
  48. Turnkey Linux
  49. OPNsense
  50. Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance
  51. CentOS Cloud Guest
  52. Kali Linux
  53. Kerio Connect

Above are the few name for complete list more details og GNS3 appliances, you can visit "" and can download you favorite GNS3 virtual appliances
For new GNS3 IOS images you can visit here.
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