Create Linux (centos 5) virtual machine in Virtual Box:

There are few easy steps to create and install Linux (Centos 5.5) on virtual box. For simplicity I have divided this article into two parts, in first part we just create a Linux VM using virtual box and in next part I will show you how to install Centos 5.5 on Virtual Box. For creating Centos 5.5 VM you need its OS images. (You can download free from internet)
  1. Open virtual box and click on “New”, this will start a wizard click on next.

2.  On next step you need to specify virtual machine Name, OS type and version. Since I am installing Centos 5.5 that’s way I select Linux and Other Linux in respective fields.

3.       Now set RAM for your VM according to your requirements.

    4.       In this step select HD for your VM, you can also use an existing VM.

   5.       Then select default “VirtualBox Disk image”.

  6.       Select the “Dynamically allocated” Vitual Disk storage.

7.  In this step you need to define OP path and hard disk space for VM, here I set 20GB for centos 5.5 on my virtual box.

8. Simply click on next.. 

9. In last step select installation media for centos 5.5 and finish this wizard. Now you will see that a VM is created in your virtual box. Click on start and centos 5.5 installation is start. For more detail click on Installation of centos 5.5 on Virtual box.


Centos 5.5 Installation on Virtual box:

For Centos 5.5 installation on GNS3 you need to create centos 5.5 VM on virtual Box, for this you can visit Createlinux virtual machine in Virtual Box.

After creating the VM click on start button to start VM (virtual machine). Press enter for starting setup.

Centos 5.5 setup start loading the OS installation start up files.

After completions of loading, setup ask you for checking installation media (DVD), you can skip this process or check the installation media for errors. I simply skip this process. 

Click next on welcome screen.

In next step you need to choose partition for your HD, just select the default setting click on next it will asked you for full format click on yes. 

In network setting you can choose DHCP for automatic IP or use manage IP setting according to your requirements. I assign manual IP setting for my VM, you can also change these settings later.

Also I didn’t assign any gateway setting for my VM that way this is showing this following error. I just ignore this message. If you want to complete you VM’s IP setting then provide the gateway and DNS. 

Select your time zone.

Provide root password, root is built in user in centos like administrator in windows.

Select required packages for your OS according to your requirements and you can also customize these packages; I have chosen server packages according to my requirements.

Click next for start installations.

Setup will start installing OS packages of Centos 5.5.

On completion of installation reboot your system.

After reboot you find the startup screen.
A new wizard will start when you boot centos 5.5 first time.

In firewall setting enable your required protocols.

Kdump is a kernel crash dumping, if you need this feature just check the respective check box.

Set date and time.

Crate some user if you needed.

now Login screen is appear, use your user name password to login.