Configure VPCS IP address and Gateway on GNS3 1.1

How to use VPCS in GNS3 and how to configure IP address and Gateway for it:

VPCS is virtual PC simulator that is now included in GNS3 devices. You can use it for testing purposes on GNS3, you can ping, traceroute etc with VPCs on GNS3.
VPCs is already included in GNS3 1.1 and some earlier versions and also you don't need to perform any additional setting for it. In following figure you can find the default settings of VPCs on GNS3 1.1, which normally works great..!

how to simulate PC with VPCs on Gns3:

Drag the VPCS from end-device on Gns3 dashboard, right click on it and then on start.

It will boot in few seconds. For configuring IP address and gateway right click on VPCS and then on console.  You can use the following command for configuring IP address and gateway for this virtual PC.

IP <address> [/<mask>] [<gateway>]

For example if you want to assign IP address "" with subnet-mask and gateway "" you will use the following command:

PC1> ip /24

For connectivity test you can use ping command

Following are some other ways of simulation of Host or PC with GNS3


  1. When I open the console on the VPCS nothing comes up, it's just blank. I don't get a PC1> prompt or anything, and it's been running for a while, and It's green so I know it's on.

    1. you should stop VPCS and start it again, this is annoying :)

  2. where do I find the gateway ip

  3. is this ip /24 reffer to the vpc or the gate way ip?

  4. can you provide the download link of GNS3 1.1

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