Backup, Load n restore Router Configuration in Text file via TFTP on GNS3

Backup router configuration with TFTP-server: 

In this article i will show you that how you can save router configuration to text file or restore router configuration from a text file from your PC to your real router or on a GNS3-router. I am showing this simulation on GNS3 for this purpose we required TFTP Server. TFTP server installation and configuration are very simple and easy, install it from its setup.exe and in configuration of TFTP server you need to define it's IP address and file-path of TFTP-server.
  • IP address of tftp-server will be IP address of your PC 
  • Path of TFTP server is the default location where you can save and load the configuration file to router.
You can review my TFTP configurations, is IP of my PC.
For GNS3 simulation i used a "cloud" for connecting tftp-server to GNS3 router, i just mapped the physical network interface with cloud from its configuration and assign the IP address to router interface from same IP-range i.e.

How to install a text file configuration into a Router:

Suppose you have a configuration file (named:router-config)on your computer (Placed at default path of tftp-server). You can copy configuration file from PC to GNS3-router using TFTP. You can perform this task with following commands:

Coyp configuration to Running-config:
Router#copy tftp:// running-config
where is address of tftp-server, "router-config" is text configuration file which you want to import on gns3 router.

Coyp configuration to Startup-config:
Router#copy tftp:// startup-config

Backup Startup or running configuration of Router to a TFTP Server on GNS3:

Now suppose you want to save your router configuration to text file, you might perform this task to back up a current configuration file to a server before changing its contents, thereby allowing you to later restore the original configuration file from the server. You can save both your startup and running configuration to your PC using TFTP-server by using following commands:

Router#copy running-config tftp:                              (type the command n press enter)
Address or name of remote host []?       (address of tftp-server) 
Destination filename [router-confg]? tftp-config       ("tftp-config" is configuration file name which will be create on tftp-server, you can use any other name)

For saving startup configuration:

Router#copy startup-config tftp:
Address or name of remote host []?
Destination filename [router-confg]? startup-config

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